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Making Space for LIFE
August 19, 2015
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I have noticed three major movements within the hearts of American Christians. First, in the beginning of our country we were still working through our new religious and political freedom and had high structure, integration into culture and a works based theology. This high structure developed into formalized denominational boundaries. So, what was critically important […]
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What is the S.U.M of Your Life?
February 3, 2014
Have you ever taken the time to sit down and take a piece of paper or your journal and write out all the main areas of your life – all the plates that you are spinning?  Let me encourage you to take some time to do this important exercise.  Once you have all the different […]
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Politics and Heart Change
November 18, 2013
Tomorrow is the 150thanniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. On November 19, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic two minute speech at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated […]
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Stay Dusty!
October 21, 2013
An ancient Rabbi was noted as saying, “we learn with our feet…and that we should stay in the dust of the Rabbi.”  Meshell and I recently returned from a two week study tour of Israel.  It was an amazing time of seeing and learning as we followed the Rabbi (Ray Vander Laan, of That The […]
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Lessons from the Tour (2013)
March 18, 2013
Well, we are 4 weeks into our local tour here in Aspen while our new facility is being built so I thought I would write down a few lessons I am learning along the way.  We kicked off our local tour by holding Sunday church at the Aspen District Theater then on to Harris Hall […]
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Always Reforming
March 2, 2013
What is the main catalyst for change in your life?  The reality is that we are all changing but we might just not be aware of it.  Life is never just neutral.  We are always changing.  So, how are we changing and what are we becoming?  Have you ever taken some time to think about […]
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Need Direction?
May 18, 2012
It is one thing to believe in God, but quite another to be led by God.  It is one thing to believe in Jesus, but quite another to follow Jesus.  Who’s lead are you following?  Are you doing the job that God led you to or one that you chose to do?  Do you live […]
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The Discipline of Discipleship
August 5, 2011
This is post 8 of 12 on Awakening to Authentic Community In the New Testament the word used for discipleship is the same as used for discipline.  So, if we say we are a follower or disciple of Jesus we are expected to live a disciplined life.  Take some time to think about what Henri […]