Church Planting and YOU
February 21, 2018
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Some of us here at Crossroads Church Aspen just returned from the official launch of one of our partner churches, Sandbox Church in Houston, Texas. It was such a joy to sit back and see so many “marketplace” people organizing, serving and leading. It was an amazing morning and an amazing gathering of people all […]
Missional Theology
Globalization and Spiritual Warfare
July 31, 2017
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Is globalization good? Well, yes and no. I am not going to deal with geo-politics in this blog necessarily, but the spiritual warfare reality behind globalization. Tragically, many Christians are reading their Bibles and living their life with more of a worldly worldview than a biblical worldview. The Bible from beginning to end can only […]
Devotional Missional
Building the Healthiest People Possible
February 22, 2016
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What is a healthy person? How do we describe a healthy person and how do we build healthy people? These are all important questions that are so overlooked today in the midst of our margin-less lives. We have been in a Sunday morning teaching series titled, HD Living, Spiritual Clarity and Power through Spiritual Disciplines. […]
Missional Tough Issues
The Cross & The Crescent
September 17, 2015
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What do you know about Islam? Are you concerned about its spread throughout Europe and into America? Are you confident of a right Christian response to Islam? This summer two faithful members of the Crossroads family who have been serving and sharing the love of Jesus to Muslims in Central Asia taught a class about […]
Devotional Inspiration Missional
Who is lighting their candle at our flame?
December 15, 2014
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It is a sobering thought to realize that our life is constantly “giving off” something to others around us and our environment. Some define this by saying; “That person has a really good presence about them.” Some other terms used to define what people are giving off are; energy, vibe, positive, negative and many other […]
Inspiration Missional
What is Your Message?
May 18, 2014
Recently, I took one of our kids on a campus tour of CSU (Colorado State University).  During the tour we walked through a central open plaza where our tour guide told us that it was a “free speech zone.”  The picture included in this blog shows the big preaching stump in the plaza where our […]
Devotional Leadership Missional
Stay Dusty!
October 21, 2013
An ancient Rabbi was noted as saying, “we learn with our feet…and that we should stay in the dust of the Rabbi.”  Meshell and I recently returned from a two week study tour of Israel.  It was an amazing time of seeing and learning as we followed the Rabbi (Ray Vander Laan, of That The […]
Christian Life Inspiration Missional
SPIRITUAL MOMENTUM – Do you have it?
April 5, 2013
Do you feel stagnate in your relationship with God?  Does your involvement with church feel institutional or feel like an exciting movement?  We all wrestle at different times in our spiritual walk with feeling stagnate.  Following Jesus is never to be stagnate or boring.  It is to be vibrant, alive and abundant.  Church is never […]
Church Missional
Facing Today’s X-Culture
January 26, 2013
As I start to write this blog, I can see the sky outside my window here in Aspen CO. lit up by the lights of the 2013 ESPN Winter X-Games.  As I watched the opening days events something that the young edgy announcers said caught my attention.  They described the X-Games as a global youth […]
Christian Life Inspiration Missional
Living On Purpose 2013
January 7, 2013
Why live on purpose?  Some would simply say to live on purpose because you can be more productive and accomplish certain goals.  But this begs a larger question.  Do you believe that you were created on purpose?  I do not believe there are people who truly believe that they are just here by chance?  Yes, […]