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Inspiration Theology
Be Careful When You Say: Always or Never
February 15, 2017
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God has a sense of humor. How do I know? Because it seems like every time I carelessly use the words “always” or “never” I end up eating my words. I told my grandmother for years I would “never” drink coffee. She put a twenty-dollar bill in her journal that I would. I am a […]
Christian Life
Where Are You on the Spiritual Path?
March 27, 2016
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Our culture no longer believes in a Bigger Story. More and more people are stuck in their own small stories without anyone or anything to make sense of all the chaos and hurt in life. We all have the tendency to live without a Bigger Story today. The idea of a spiritual life in this […]
WWJD Remix, To What Extent Can We Be Like Jesus?
February 4, 2015
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What Would Jesus Do? This important question became the WWJD campaign of the 1990s. Wrist bands and a massive product line promoted this campaign across America as believers were encouraged in the midst of everyday situations to stop and ask this question before they responded. The roots of this slogan probably can be traced back […]